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Dernières Contributions

20161014 The internet singularity

On Oct 13, 2016, Jari Arkko wrote: "With our chartered work done, I plan to close this working group. ... Closing this working group does not mean that there will be no further evolution in the IANA system. Like other parts of the IETF or the Internet organisations ecosystem, there may be room for improvements and new ways of working. If we need a broad community discussion for any future change, we will create new working groups as needed."

JFCM commented to Steve Crocker, Jari Arko and Russ Housley : "Closing this Working Group is truly a singular no-return milestone for humanity: it formally means that the World Community's OpenStand Global Community concept (OSGCC) that benefits all of humanity (as per RFC 6852 "3. Collective Empowerment") is now the world digital ecosystem reference that we are to build upon by ourselves.

"As a consequence, we will start observing the emergence of multiple OSGCs, the current main one being the ICANN/IETF Global Community, around its PTI kernel.

"In foreseeing this emergence, we established the AtLarge Association in 2003, in order to help the user multitude to remain mutually aware of the compatible innovation flow. My appeals have established that the genuine IETF consensus did not want an inside intertechnology technical conflict resolution process to be included in OpenStand. The AtLarge Association will, therefore, strive within its limited resources and capacities to help the OSGCs’ multiconsensual technical convergence from the outside, from the users, throughout the multitude's practices of mutual documentation and calls for comments.

"By doing so, we will depend on the contributions of everyone in the hope of helping each other in addressing the needs of everyone, which is an ambition I am sure we all share."